Read the first of our discoveries from our Mobile Manners survey 2012. Did you know 62% of men have answered the phone on the toilet?

Have you ever answered the phone during intimate moments?

Over the last month we’ve been busy interviewing over 2,000 people, in a quest to understand the nation’s mobile phone habits and etiquette. Our Mobile Manners Survey 2012 reveals everything from what time people are most likely to make calls, to what situations they wouldn’t answer the phone and whether they prefer to text or call. Some of what you might imagine has been proved right, but a few assumptions have been turned on their head.

Well I might answer if the Queen called

Let’s start with the most surprising of all. We all know that people are addicted to their mobile phones and that for many people there’s the worry that if they don’t answer immediately they’ll have to use up their own minutes in calling back. But the places we’ll answer are mind-boggling. The survey showed that if the phone rang while having sex, one third of men believe it is perfectly acceptable to answer it! Perhaps almost as surprising is that two thirds of men would answer the phone while on the loo and 62% would pick up a call on a date. Who says men aren’t romantic?

We were taken aback by some of these findings, so we decided to hit the streets of London to gather some reactions.

Robyn Wilkie, 21, a graduate from Finsbury Park was shocked. When we asked her how she would feel if her partner answered the phone at such a delicate moment, she responded: “My real response to that would include a really bad word. If my partner answered the phone during sex I would personally feel very insulted.” But what if there was a phone call for you? “Well, I might answer if the Queen called.”

However Patrick Kelly, 28, who works in advertising and lives in Wandsworth did admit one guilty secret. “I would never answer the phone during sex but I would answer the phone on the toilet if it was serious. Would I answer the phone on a date? It depends on whether I like the girl.”

Now be honest, are you guilty? Let us know your stories in the comments section below but please, keep them clean!

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