Vodafone are delivering thousands of the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII to customers, as from today.


It’s good news today if you’ve been waiting patiently for your pre-ordered 32GB pebble blue Samsung Galaxy SIII to reach you – devices are being delivered to Vodafone customers from today, just in time for the weekend.

We’ve sold tens of thousands of the SIII already, and there are no signs of that demand waning any time soon

You may have seen media reports that the SIII was the most pre-ordered Android device we’ve added to our line-up to date and we’re delighted to report that its staggered availability has done little to dampen our customers’ enthusiasm.

Dee Kaul heads up the Vodafone UK devices team and he told Vodafone Social this morning,

“The response to the SIII has been fantastic and anyone who’s had to wait for their device won’t be disappointed when they start to use it. We’ve sold tens of thousands of the SIII already, and there are no signs of that demand waning any time soon.”


Around 40 per cent of Vodafone’s Galaxy S3 customers have opted to go for the pebble blue version (16 and 32GB) – which Dee told us he thinks looks “stunning”, with the remainder opting for white.

“Understandably, some customers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the S3 and decided to switch to the marble white when Samsung confirmed the pebble blue would arrive later,” Dee continued. “But what’s clear is that they knew they wanted the S3 as their next device, regardless, and that they’re really enjoying the innovative features that it’s brought to the mobile experience.”

The Galaxy SIII was launched with a limited time offer of 2GB of mobile data each month for the life of the contract, which is still available on selected price plans, so check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the Vodafone shop for more information.

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