With the HTC One S racking up great reviews around the world, we’ve been finding out what our eForum Super Users think about this stylish new Android handset.

HTC One S Android 4.0 smartphone

With the HTC One S and HTC One X now on sale and racking up great reviews from the world’s tech experts, we’ve been working closely with our eForum Super Users to find out what they think about these amazing new Android 4.0 handsets.

When we first asked smartphone specialist Nabil Kabbani – call him Nabs – to test the HTC One S, he was quickly smitten by the stylish and feature-packed handset. But how does he feel one week later?

Well, he’s grown to love it even more! But just what has caused this whirlwind romance?

HTC One S Android 4.0 smartphone camera roll

The gorgeous 4.3-inch touchscreen is perfect for viewing your photos

A design for life

When Nabs first tried out the HTC One S, he called it a “premium device”, “The metal unibody design gives it the feeling of quality”. And after a week of using it as his main phone, his love has only grown deeper.

“HTC has produced a sleek, user-friendly skin for Android that’s worth shouting about.”

“It’s a very well built handset”, he told us. “Despite the nice sized screen, it’s not too big to sit comfortably in the hand and while it’s very light to carry, it has a satisfying weight when you use it, thanks to its hardy metal chassis.”

But it was the intuitive Android 4.0 software and HTC Sense user interface that Nabs really enjoyed, he explained, “HTC has produced a sleek, user-friendly and great performing skin for Android that’s worth shouting about.”

HTC One S Android 4.0 smartphone Beats Audio

Beats Audio technology brings your music, games and video to life

Keep it simple

“It’s so simple to figure out how things work”, Nabs said, “and the Quick Tips screens give an informative overview of the tasks you can do within the chosen application and really let you see the full potential of your new phone.”

“All the games that I tried ran perfectly and looked stunning on the HTC’s bright screen.”

Coupled with the great performance of the HTC One S, Nabs has found it one of the fastest phones he’s ever used, saying, “I’ve had no issues with its speed – all menus load quickly and scrolling between them is smooth with no lag.”

And even gaming performance impressed him, adding to the entertainment potential of the HTC One S, as Nabs enthused, “All the games that I tried ran perfectly, loading quickly and looking stunning on the HTC’s bright screen.

“A few times I loaded the same applications on both the HTC One S and my current Android smartphone, to test the difference and almost every time the One S beat it hands down in terms of speed and performance.”

HTC One S Android 4.0 smartphone camera

The sharp 8-Megapixel camera delivers fantastic photo and video quality

Snap happy

And while Nabs loved the new photography features straight out the box, he’s grown to love some of them even more over time, saying, “For me the best feature is Continuous Shooting.

“So many times I have taken a picture, looked at it and found that it’s not quite what I wanted. Continuous Shooting solves this, letting you take a sequence of shots with a single press of the button, so you can then pick the best ones to save.”

And the extra camera features were just as impressive, as Nabs pointed out, “I was amazed at the huge selection of features, with a range of settings available that can be tweaked, from simple timers to image adjustments.”

Saving data

And lastly, one unsung feature of both the HTC One S and One X that Nabs found particularly handy was the Internet Pass-Through web connectivity, which lets you keep your data costs down.

“I was amazed at the huge selection of features. For me the best is Continuous Shooting.”

“It basically allows the phone to use your computers’ internet connection instead of mobile data,” Nabs said. “I could see it being very useful to someone who doesn’t have Wi-Fi but still wants to connect through their PC.

“It works really well,” he continued. “It’s simple and easy to set up with nothing more than choosing the option on the phone when it connects and I was really impressed.”

When we asked Nabs to sum up his thoughts of the HTC One S and how it compared to other Android smartphones he’s owned, he cut right to chase, saying, “To be honest, it’s all made me a bit jealous.”

So why not check out the HTC One S and its bigger brother, the HTC One X, for yourself to see what they can offer and find out why so many people are calling them two of the best Android smartphones you can buy?

Will you be grabbing an HTC One S or One X and, if so, which of their great features twisted your arm? Chime in and let us know in the comments below.

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