Having spent a week living with and using the HTC One X, our eForum Super User is ready to give his verdict.

Following the release of the HTC One X and One S last week, we’ve been keeping in close contact with our eForum smartphone experts to find out just what they think of these two highly touted Android 4.0 smartphones.

When our eForum expert thesoupdragon, or Tim Jones to his mates, first got his hands on the HTC One X, the great usability, stylish design and ample features of this much-anticipated Android 4.0 smartphone blew him away. But how does he feel one week on?

In short, he’s still just as sold on the HTC One X. Read on for all his findings.

Eye-catching looks, intuitive usability and features galore make the HTC One X a stunning phone

HTC is listening

As soon as we spoke to Tim he summed up his feelings with one sentence, telling us, “This is possibly one of the best phones I have seen to date – HTC has really listened to its customer base.”

While it was the eye-catching looks, vibrant screen and intuitive usability of this feature-packed phone that initially drew Tim in, over the past week he has found the HTC One X to be far more than just a pretty face.

“There are so many features to explore. I was truly amazed.”

“The only way to describe the overall user experience is to say that it’s slick and full of tricks,” he told us.

“There are an abundance of widgets on the home screens”, he went on, “and using the software gives a real reminder of the true multi-tasking abilities of the HTC One X, as you can easily switch between tasks without slowdown.”

And when it came to using the HTC Sense 4 overlay, Tim called it, “Another example of HTC’s innovation towards Android”, as he said, “HTC has created a beautiful 3D environment and the perfect match for the Android 4.0 OS.”

With the HTC One X it's possible to capture stillshots while shooting video

Smile for the camera

But as much as the interface makes for a great user experience, inevitably it was the feature-packed 8-Megapixel camera that Tim really got stuck into, as he told us, “There are so many features to explore. I was truly amazed.”

As well as the handy Video Pic and rapid-fire shooting features, that let you capture still photos while shooting video and take multiple shots with a press of a button, Tim also loved the great effects you can add to your photos.

“There really is nothing more to say than ‘wow!’”

“One of the coolest features of the camera is the on-screen live effects”, Tim said. “The beauty is that you can see exactly what your picture will look like before you take it and the effects are superbly integrated.“

Tim also found the One X’s ultra-sharp Full HD 1080p video recording features just as well implemented, noting, “All the controls are perfectly placed so the best feature is that you don’t need to read the user manual.”

Sports fans in particular will love the HTC One X’s great slow-motion mode, as Tim found it powerful, quick and easy to use, saying, “Without any fussy settings you just press ‘Slow Motion’ and begin recording. It’s really that simple!”

The HTC One X is available in a choice of white or grey finishes

Sat-nav satisfaction

But the real surprise for Tim was how much HTC has improved GPS and sat-nav functionality with the One X. “GPS has often been a subject of dismay for many Android users”, he said, “but this is not the case with this smartphone.”

“For example, my old Android phone can only detect six satellites when I’m indoors and even then it is unable to fully lock onto any of them, giving me a shockingly off-target sat-nav accuracy of 605 feet”, Tim told us.

“This phone is a testament to everything that Android is about – innovation and moving forward.”

“With the HTC One X, not only could I detect a whopping sixteen satellites, but the phone was able to successfully lock onto ten of them, giving me an accuracy of just six feet. And that was inside my house.”

And the pre-installed Google Maps sat-nav software was equally impressive. “The super quick abilities of the One X meant navigating was comparable with the most expensive sat-nav devices,” he said.

Beats Audio technology ensures that the HTC One X sounds as good as it looks

Winning the Bass race

Last but not least, Tim also had time to give the One X’s powerful Beats Audio features a good testing over the past seven days, and found that performance and sound quality are even more impressive than he’d first thought.

“All the controls are perfectly placed so the best feature is that you don’t need to read the user manual.”

After loading up his favourite songs, Tim said: “Wearers of the Beats Audio headphones will be in for a delight. And when I plugged the One X into a pair of good quality PC speakers, there really is nothing more to say than ‘wow!’”

In summary? “This phone is a testament to everything that Android is about – innovation and moving forward”, says Tim, and we couldn’t say it better ourselves.

You can check out the HTC One X in white or grey for yourself and find out more about all of its great features.

What are you most excited to try on the HTC One X and will you be grabbing a handset for yourself right away? Give us a shout and let us know below.

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