Our eForum experts get hands-on and put the highly anticipated HTC One X Android 4.0 smartphone to the test.

The highly anticipated HTC One X and HTC One S are available for Vodafone customers from today. The latest in HTC’s line of high-end Android smartphones, the HTC One X and One S pack the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and a range of fantastic new features into their sleek and stylish chassis.

With its high-powered performance and 4.7-inch screen, the HTC One X is the flagship model in the range, while the HTC One S offers many of the same great features in a smaller and more affordable 4.3-inch design.

Packing style, power and features galore, both the HTC One X and One S are already winning acclaim from technology journalists around the world as two of the best smartphones yet. But don’t take our word for it; let’s ask an expert.

With its high-powered performance and 4.7-inch screen, the One X is the flagship model in HTC’s new Android 4.0 range.

And who better to test it out than our dedicated eForum experts? So we sent an HTC One X right over to smartphone enthusiast Tim Jones to hear his initial out-of-the-box first impressions.

Tim goes by the username TheSoupDragon on our eForum. And with over 2,500 hours spent giving advice since he joined the forum in 2010, his extensive knowledge has made him one of our most respected forum experts by far.

The first thing to capture Tim’s attention is HTC’s new look, as he told us, “The unibody design is very tactile, with beautifully smooth rounded edges and the gloss white effect contrasts beautifully with the black screen.

“The eggshell finish to the rear of the phone seems to be resistant to finger prints and gives a warmth to the feel of the case”, he continued, “and the curved edges of the screen give the impression of robustness.”

When trying out the 4.7-inch 720p HD screen, Tim was just as impressed, noting, “The deep rich tones are the first things that hit you, with an inspired choice of wallpaper enhancing the screen’s wow factor.”

And the capacitive touchscreen was equally striking, as Tim found that, “The multi-touch screen is very responsive and gives a reassuring yet gentle haptic vibration to confirm an action” and noted that, “the glass feels super smooth.”

You can capture blur-free stills while shooting video with the HTC One X

But what is a smartphone without a strong OS? And Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software is as good as it gets, or as Tim neatly put it: “its combination with HTC’s own Sense 4 UI is a marriage made in heaven.”

“Sense 4 accentuates all the flavour of Ice Cream Sandwich”, Tim went on, “and it intuitively puts everything in the right place. This is my first experience of HTC Sense 4”, he said, “and I am already incredibly impressed.”

But the HTC One X isn’t just about its screen and usability; it is also packed with great new features. Not least of which are its impressive 8-Megapixel camera and powerful, yet easy-to-use, photo and video abilities.

“From the moment I opened the camera app I fell in love. The rapid-shooting feature is to die for.”

Tim was instantly smitten, as he told us, “From the moment I opened the camera app I fell in love. The rapid-shooting feature is to die for.

“Press and hold the shutter and multiple shots are taken. The phone then offers you the best image and a choice to delete or keep the others. This will be awesome for sports fans.

“But video is where this phone really comes into its own”, he continued. “With five quality settings ranging from basic-quality for sending via MMS to 1080p Full HD for watching on your HDTV, there is a setting for all applications.

“And what really stands out is the ability to take still images as you shoot live video”, Tim said. “You can even take stills while you play back the video as well and the stills are pin sharp with no blurring.”

Beats Audio technology is on hand to give music on the HTC One X extra bass

And even the HTC One X’s sound quality stood out, with the powerful Beats Audio technology bringing music, video and games to life. As Tim put it, “The best way to describe the difference is to compare a VHS video to a Blu-Ray disc.”

“When headphones are attached there is a comprehensive array of effects to apply to tweak the sound of your music to the way you like it and you can hear the clarity and pick out notes lost on other rival devices.”

And that’s the just the tip of the iceberg – or the Ice Cream Sandwich, if you like. We’ll be checking back in with Tim soon to see what else he has discovered about the HTC One X after a week living with and using it.

The final HTC One X verdict is in

Will you be trying out the HTC One X for yourself and, if so, which features have already caught your eye? Shout up and let us know in the comments.