If you've got a problem with your phone our team of experts on the forum will almost certainly be able to provide you with the answer.

High score helpersWe love experts. We employ thousands of them, and many of our customers are the most clued-up people on the planet when it comes to mobile phones, and to show off their skills we’ve created the most helpful forum around. Step inside, and let the man in charge of our customer-powered advice centre show you how it works.

Tom Rushton is our Community Manager. He runs the Vodafone forum. Except, well, he doesn’t really run it. Our customers do.

Tom acts more like a referee, overseeing the conversations, debates and keeping question and answer sessions on track.

Customers using the forum can award points for the most helpful posts and just like a web-based gameshow forum points mean prizes.

“We have points awarded for Kudos and for Accepted Solutions”, Tom says, “and the more you receive, the faster you rise through our ranking structure, which increases the amount of features you can use on the site.”

For the uninitiated, an Accepted Solution is forum speak for a problem-solving idea. It might be a way to upgrade your mobile’s software, or supplying the correct settings to get tethering working on your handset. And there are lots of benefits to be had for helping fellow customers out.

“You can have your own avatar, for example” says Tom, “and even access features such as being able to move posts around the forum and help the forum moderation team. It’s a great sign of how much we trust our forum members.”

Customers using the forum can award points for the most helpful posts and, like a gameshow, points mean prizes.

And out of the thousands of forum members, a select group has even been able to achieve the highest honour and been awarded the Community Expert badge, for their invaluable contributions.

“The CE badge is awarded to the very best contributors”, Tom told us, “it identifies those that deliver information that is as good as the help you would get from Vodafone itself.” So, who are Tom’s top experts?

Meet Nabs. “Nabs joined the forum back in May 2009”, Tom says, “and has been a massive help since we launched our new forum platform. He’s also written some fantastic FAQs and walkthrough guides on the forum.”

Next is TheSoupDragon. “TSD, as he’s known to his friends, posts in all kinds of locations on the forum, as his extensive knowledge is valuable in many different boards. The best thing is his willingness to help out in any way he can.”

But queen of the forum is AnnS. “AnnS has been posting on the forum since just after we launched and has posted over 7000 times. Her knowledge of Vodafone Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go services is legendary.”

“Our Community Experts and dozens of other regular forum users have unbelievable knowledge of our products and services, to levels that we could never achieve with our own staff.” says Tom. “Our customers are the ones using the products all day, every day, and their tips and advice supplement perfectly the official support also available from Vodafone on the forum, 365 days a year.”

Our high-score helpers put the HTC One X to the ultimate test

No matter which handset you use or what sort of question you have, there are experts ready to help you out. And, if you fancy a few Kudos points yourself, why not answer a question while you’re there?