About us

There’s a lot you don’t know about Vodafone. Our network traffic travels at the speed of light, our transmitters are disguised to blend into the scenery around you, and our engineers are frequent visitors to mountain tops, movie sets and natural disasters.

These are just some of the stories that you’ll discover on Vodafone Social – your exclusive behind the scenes pass to all that goes on at Vodafone UK.

We’ll lift the lid on some of the amazing technological innovations that keep out network one step ahead, and introduce you to the fascinating characters that make sure it runs like a well-oiled machine. And with unlimited access to every part of the Vodafone HQ, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

And we’re not just talking about what goes on inside Vodafone. We’re listening too. We want to hear your thoughts, opinions and questions.

Every one of our stories has a comments section underneath it, and we want you to get involved and tell us about the sort of things you’d like more of. Give us a shout. We’d love to get to know you better.