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However big or small your family is, it’s never been easier and more important to stay in touch with each other. Smartphones and tablets, apps and social media all make it a breeze to connect, stay safe and enjoy the best that the internet has to offer, but as the bill payer, we know it’s important to keep a handle on each family member’s spending.


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That’s why we’ve created Red+, a price plan built from the ground up to help families control and distribute different data allowances from one single account. To find out how it can help your household, read on…

Plus points

So what exactly is Vodafone Red+, and how can it help? Red+ is one Vodafone plan for multiple SIMs, which means you can equip everyone at home with a device to suit them, and then control each person’s allowances from one place.

As the plan leader, you can distribute monthly data limits to each family member based on what’s appropriate and what they need, all from your chosen overarching monthly data limit. Got teenagers that like to stream music and chat online? Load them up with data. Just want your youngest to have a phone to help them stay in safe? Give them a smaller amount. It’s that simple.

The beauty is, everyone on your Red+ plan gets unlimited minutes and texts, and you can change or add to each person’s data allowance at any time. Check out the video below for a no-nonsense walkthrough:



As the video explains, Red+ is really flexible and designed to take the worry out of managing the family phone bill. Whenever someone is getting close to their data limit, both they and the plan leader will be alerted by text. You can then top them back up or change their cap via text or in your nearest Vodafone store, or keep things exactly as they are.

“You can tweak and adapt anyone’s allowance whenever you need to…”

You can tweak and adapt anyone’s allowance whenever you need to – whether that’s because young kids become young teens, or if older teens fly the nest. Whatever happens, the Red+ plan leader will be in full control of the whole family’s mobile data and spending at all times.

Sound good? For even more information, and to get your family’s Red+ plan set up, head to vodafone.co.uk/redplus.

Family friendly… For everything you need to help your family get better connected, check out the Family Hub on Vodafone.co.uk/family.

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  • Russ

    Frustratingly, I can find absolutely no pricing online for this. Why?

  • Hi Russ.

    Information around our Red+ can be found here http://vdfn.co/redplus

    You can select from one of the plans here http://vdfn.co/grjto


  • Stuart Macey

    How do I find out about moving existing accounts onto this, the website says open to exiting Red plan users? do you have t wait to your upgrade date? A bit confusing, and why did my earlier post disappear without an answer?

  • Hi Stuart,

    This is set up when you upgrade and you’ll need to be on a Red Plan.

    I’m sorry your original post isn’t showing, it looks as though this didn’t submit as we’ve not deleted any posts by you.



  • Jon Gardner

    This seems like a good idea but I’m still mightily confused by the pricing!

    I understand the sharer needs a Red package with at least 2GB data allowance, but what about the other members? Are there special add-on packages, with no data allowance? If so, I can find no mention of them.

    If they need to buy “regular” packages, do they have to be Red packages or can they be 3G packages? In either case, what happens to the included data allowance? Is that added to the pool?

    And one more question: Do we have to use texts to buy more data or increase allownaces, because that seems very prone to errors! Is it possible to use My Vodafone or the Vodafone mobile app?

    • Hi Jon,

      Once a Red sharer plan has been selected, the lead will be able to allocate a set amount of data to each line.
      The other lines will have unlimited calls and SMS but the data will be whatever amount you’ve allocated.

      As well as the SMS service to add more data, you can also manage this in your ‘My Account’.


      • Jon Gardner

        Thanks Dave, but I think you must’ve misunderstood the first part of my question. I still have no idea what package members other than the lead are supposed to order and what happens to any data allowance included in those packages.

        • Hi Jon,

          When this is set up, all members will be set up at the point of sale.

          So if you have yourself and three others, you’ll all have unlimited minutes and SMS, and the leader will also have an amount of data they can divede between the four numbers as they so chose.


  • p collins

    how much do u pay for 1gb

  • Scott

    How much does it cost to add extra lines? I can’t see this anywhere …

  • Hi Scott,

    This depends on the amount of data you need. You can discuss the different options with our Live help team – http://vdfn.co/contct



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