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Monthly costs remain one of the most significant factors to consider when you’re choosing a new mobile price plan. But comparing prices across networks is difficult when there’s a chance that your monthly line rental might creep up over time.


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Recent guidelines from industry regulator, Ofcom, have made the issue of mid-contract price rises a talking point among mobile users and today we’re committing to keep the price our customers pay for their monthly plan fixed for the duration of the contract, whether that’s one, 12 or 24 months. We’ve been speaking to Vodafone’s Mark Howe to get the full story…

The price you pay

“Our new price promise makes perfect sense: People want to know how much they’re going to spend each month,” says Mark, “especially when they’re signing up to a long-term commitment.

“Historically, the mobile industry hasn’t been as clear on its pricing at customers would like. But new guidelines from Ofcom put the emphasis on greater transparency for mobile users, and we see that as a huge positive.”

That sounds great, but what does that mean for Vodafone customers?

“We’re being very clear that the price you pay won’t increase for the length of your contract.”

“In short, it means fixed means fixed,” explains Mark. “We’re being very clear to our customers that the price you pay for your bundle of minutes, texts and data each month won’t increase for the length of your contract, from 30 day SIM only up to 24 month plans, as long as you stay within your allowance. And that applies to existing customers and those signing up from today.

“Technically, the Ofcom guidelines allow operators to increase their prices every year in line with inflation if they’re clear about it upfront, but we don’t think that’s in keeping with the spirit of the regulations and neither do the majority of consumers we asked. It means there’s an element of the unpredictable at play when it comes to your monthly outgoings.”

Part of the bigger picture


Our fixed price contract promise is part of a broader range of Vodafone initiatives to take the worry out of our customer’s mobile lives.

They range from improving visibility of our current and planned coverage and the status of our network, through to services like EuroTraveller that enable people to manage their roaming costs by using their UK price plan overseas for just £2 a day. We’re also doing more to help people who regularly use more than their bundle.

“Our aim is to make using your mobile or tablet as worry free as possible.”

“We’ve set up a dedicated team of advisors to focus on those customers who consistently go over their price plan allowance, so we’re actively trying to encourage people to switch to plans that minimise their overspend and put them back in control of their finances.”

“Our aim is to make using your mobile or tablet as worry free as possible,” says Mark. “Whether that’s helping you to manage and control how much you spend, offering great value in our Red plans or the investment we’re making in our network to keep you connected to your friends and family, we’re working hard to earn your trust.”

All cleared up? We’ve got info on our newly updated EuroTraveller offer here, and you can check out the Vodafone Coverage Checker here.

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  • Raymond Hicks

    That’s great, it is a totally unfair price increase anyway, as a contract is a contract and as such everything about it should remain fixed for the duration!

    I will raise though, Vodafone charge extra for long text messages, this is a bit archaic as I for one, have not experienced a limit on the length of text massages for many years! Why pay for unlimited text messages and then limit the length, without extra charge! Come on Vodafone! This sounds a bit of giving with one hand and taking it away with another doesn’t it!!!!

  • http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/ Vodafone Social

    Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for the feedback regarding our fixed price contract promise!

    Long texts should be included in your text allowance. If you’re being charged this is because of how the phone is sending them.

    Post on our eForum the details of your phone and our community can help further – http://vdfn.co/eforum



    • Mediaspec2000

      Sending as MMS?

      • http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/ Vodafone Social

        Hi Mediaspec2000,

        Can we help?


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