Welcome to the future. We’re working round the clock to make sure that our 4G network, which launches later his year, will be the fastest, most capable and most reliable around, but what good is 4G if you’ve nothing to pump that data through? That line of thinking is why we’re pretty excited to announce the Vodafone R212 – our brand new 4G-ready Mobile Wi-Fi device.


A complete guide to our network joint venture
– How do you improve network signal around the UK, lessen the number of masts and pave the way for the best 4G network all at the same time?


The Vodafone R212 rubs shoulders with our sterling lineup of 4G-ready phones, including the Samsung GALAXY S4, the Nokia Lumia 925 and the BlackBerry Z10, joining the ultrafast ranks in preparation for our 4G launch.

Right now, the Vodafone R212 offers reliable 3G connection for up to 10 of your Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices at once. Just switch it on, connect your devices, put it back in your bag or pocket and you’re good to go.

Supercharged speed

That’s ace, but when our 4G network goes live the R212 will feel the full benefit, as it’s capable of supercharging your mobile connections to eye-watering speeds.

What’s more, the R212 is equipped with a monster 2800MAH battery, which means it’ll be able to keep on running for as long as you do, and there’s also a built in SD card reader for cards up to 32GB.

The Vodafone R212 is available for £39 on a 12 month price plan, which brings with it 1GB of data for £10 per month. Tasty.

Are you 4G-ready? If you need more information on our 4G network, there’s news on how we’re preparing here, a look behind the scenes here, and you can see our full range of 4G-ready phones here.

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