Galaxy S 4

galaxy s 4

It’s here. Samsung has grabbed the attention of the web’s tech press to unveil its newest flagship phone, the Samsung GALAXY S 4. And, just as we’ve come to expect, it’s a complete stunner, packing the very best of Google’s Android operating system and Samsung’s design prowess into one seamless whole. Need to know more? Read on for all the details.

Spectacular specs

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 boasts a laundry list of impressive specs, so let’s rattle through, shall we? First and foremost: that screen. It’s a 5-inch slate of full 1080p HD goodness. The Super AMOLED display ensures that the S 4 continues Samsung’s trend of stuffing state-of-the-art screen tech into its handsets, resulting in brilliant video playback and bright, crisp browsing.


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Underneath the screen of the 4G-ready S 4 sits a stonking 1.9GHz quad-core processor, with a huge 2GB of RAM. That means the S 4 can play the most taxing of Android games without flinching, and will be able keep all your apps ticking over at once without worry.

The Samsung GALAXY S 4’s got a massively impressive 13-Megapixel camera round the back, and a 2-Megapixel one at the front, both of which boast zero shutter lag. And it’s that front one that offers up some of the S 4’s most unique features…

Eyes open



As with the GALAXY S III, the S 4 boasts Samsung’s Smart Stay functionality. Previously, that’s been able to turn the screen off when it senses that you’ve stopped looking at it, but now it’s been ramped up a notch with Smart Pause

On the GALAXY S 4, Smart Pause means that when you’re watching a video and look away, playback will pause. When the S 4’s got your full attention again, it’ll resume the video.

“On the GALAXY S 4, Smart Pause means that when you’re watching a video and look away, playback will pause.”

And there’s an ace up Samsung’s other sleeve, too: the GALAXY S 4’s Smart Scroll and Air View features allows it to detect your finger even when it’s hovering slightly above the screen, just like the S-Pen on the GALAXY Note. That means you can manipulate on-screen items without actually touching them, and navigate a list of small links or icons without blocking them from view.

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is also 4G-ready, which means it’ll play nice with our 4G network when it launches later this year.

Put all that into one 7.9mm thin, 130g chassis, and you’ve got a sublime slither of Android goodness. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 will be coming to Vodafone soon – keep a keen eye on Vodafone Social for more news when we get it.

Incoming: For the full list of phones coming to Vodafone, check out our coming soon section!

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  • Im getting this! !

  • I’m so looking forward on getting this phone does anyone know how much it’s going to cost.

    • Hi Brian, we’ll bring you more news about that later this year.

  • disqus_8mIoGKkxyr

    Aye I really want it…Never had an I-phone and never wanted one, but this looks special….hope my contract lets me get it or I’ll be gutted !!!

  • John Thornley

    If vodafone want to keep me as a customer they so need to get this phone to me asap! Love it!

  • Stuart K Dobson

    Am still toying with the Note2..all this choice is killing me with the wait!!

  • john unwin

    Hi, do you know what the contract price plan will be anybody?

    • Hi John, we’ll bring you more details about that soon. Keep your eyes peeled to Vodafone Social for any updates.

  • Anwar Ali

    Ii the information correct? say your stocking 1.9GHz quad-core processor, told uk getting 1.6 Ghz octo 5 which is 8 core. 3 network stocking the octo 5 version

  • Chris Lucas

    Will an s pen work on the galaxy s4?

    • Hi Chris. We’re afraid Samsung isn’t offering support for the S Pen with the Galaxy S 4.

  • Hi, good question. Essentially, the 1.6GHz Octa-core version is 3G-only. We’re going to be stocking the 1.9GHz Quad-core variant as it’s Samsung’s 4G-ready model, which means it’ll play nice with our 4G network when it launches later this year. Don’t worry, though; that Quad-core processor is incredibly powerful.

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