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It’s here. After months of teasing and tiny glimpses, the proverbial lid has been lifted on BlackBerry 10 – its brand new, rebuilt BlackBerry platform – and a new phone to boot. That’s right: BlackBerry’s shiny launch event has treated us to both a new mobile operating system full of tricks, and the world’s first official look at a brand new phone, the 4G-ready* BlackBerry Z10. It’s all a bit special.

Ok, so where should we begin? BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins began with the platform itself, so we should too. BlackBerry 10 is a complete rethink. It’s a platform that’s been designed from the ground up to work seamlessly in BlackBerry’s new hardware, and there are flourishes aplenty.

“It’s a platform that’s been designed from the ground up to work seamlessly in BlackBerry’s new hardware, and there are flourishes aplenty.”

The new touchscreen keyboard, for instance, does a diamond job of predicting your next move, which makes the transition from BlackBerry’s QWERTY keyboards to a touchscreen pretty seamless. On top of that, there’s the Peak feature, which lets you swipe from any app or screen to the new BlackBerry Hub, which houses all your calendar appointments, texts, emails and other notifications in one spot. The best bit? You don’t even need to leave the app you’re in to keep up with what’s happening.

BB10 is hitting the ground running, too. As BlackBerry told us in our exclusive interview, the company has worked its fingers to the bone to support developers and make sure that BB10 launches with thousands of great apps.

blackberry z10 back

The BlackBerry Z10, meanwhile, comes out of the gates swinging, with a swish 4.2-inch touchscreen that’s crisp enough to do all your favourite movies justice. That sits on one side with a 2-Megapixel front-facing camera, while the other side houses a meaty 8-Meg number that records in 1080p HD. Those sides sandwich some pretty impressive tech…

Internal storage is 16GB, but that’s easily expanded via SD cards, while the processor is a powerful Qualcomm chip sporting 2GB of RAM. That’s plenty powerful for even the most graphically taxing BlackBerry 10 games.

The BlackBerry Z10 is our first 4G-ready certified phone, which means that it’ll play nice with the next-gen service as soon as Vodafone 4G arrives.

Video hands-on

We’ve had early access to the new BlackBerry Z10, so we’ve done the only thing that seemed right: lovingly shot a video exploring its best new features.

Have a look, and let us know what you think in the comments section below…


Only one more sleep

If you’ve come this far, you’ve probably had your interest well and truly piqued. And rightly so. We’re really pleased to say that we’re stocking the BlackBerry Z10, and we’re dead excited to see how BB10 grows.

The Z10 is available now (online, in store and over the phone) with no upfront costs on the 24 month Vodafone Red Data plan, which’ll give you unlimited calls and texts, and 2GB of internet for £42 a month.

*Speeds vary significantly and depend on coverage. Additional charges apply for Vodafone 4G services.

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  • Jamie Moulding

    but i wont be able to use the 4g unless i switch to a 4g plan which presumably i wont be able to do if im tied into a 24 month contract>?

  • skratch

    Does this mean you have the devices in stock or will the handsets be sent out on another date?

  • Want

  • Rob

    You say they are able to offer it from 31st, yet when i phoned they told me they have not been given an exact date yet… 

    • Hi Rob, the Z10 will be available today. Try phoning again to get yours.

  • Hi Jamie. We’ll bring you more information about plans and tariffs, soon.

  • They should be in stock. If you’re planning on popping into a store, phone ahead to make sure you’ll have one waiting for you.

  • Doll

    i accidently deleted something off my phone an app… but i dont know what it was… i was just tapping my screen n i didnt realize it was deleting… how to check what i deleted …. please help…

  • Hi Doll, I don’t think there’s a way of checking what you’ve deleted. If it was an app, or something like that, you’d probably need to compare your phone with another phone of the same model to see what’s missing.

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