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Smartphones are a hot ticket. Owning one will gift you access to a world of apps, games and online activity from the palm of your hand, but what if their price tag puts them just out of reach? We’re on the case. At Vodafone, we’re striving to make the smartphone world a more accessible one for everyone, which is why we’ve just launched Nearly New – a scheme designed to lower the smartphone entry barrier, especially for people who want to use Pay as you go. Read on for the full details…

Nearly New isn’t like buying a battered old second-hand phone from your mate Dave. It’s your chance to own a slab of modern mobile goodness that’s cheaper than brand new, but that’s still in amazing condition and comes with full Vodafone support and extras.

“Our Nearly New Pay as you go phones proffer savings of up to £155…”

Each of our Nearly New phones has been buffed to a sheen, had all its data wiped, gone through some pretty rigorous testing and is boxed up good as new (with all the accessories that you’d expect).

There’s great news to be found in the warranty stakes, too – our Nearly New Pay as you go phones boast a hassle-free 12 month warranty, while our Pay monthly beauties have 24 months in the bag. Nice one!

Ok, so let’s talk cash. Our Nearly New Pay as you go phones proffer savings of up to £155 and for pay monthly customers you could be looking at saying £5 every month.

These kind of savings makes Nearly New a dream for anyone climbing onto the smartphone ladder who’s also watching the pennies this side of the Christmas break.

Tempted by the Nearly New offers? Head over to the online shop to find out which phones are available.

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  • http://twitter.com/blasthabbouk BlastHabboUK

    Will nearly new phones be available in a vodafone store? As i do not own a credit card!

  • http://blog.vodafone.co.uk/ Vodafone Social

    Nearly New is also available from Vodafone retail stores, but availability varies. We’d recommend that you check with your local store.

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