Xperia Z

About a year ago, Sony waved goodbye to the ‘Ericsson’ suffix on its phones and decided to go it alone. The range of Xperia phones that followed has been home to some of the finest slabs of Android goodness on our shelves, but with a new year comes time for a new flagship. That’s where the Sony Xperia Z comes in. And it’s a bit of a beauty.

Sony’s new monolithic monster has just been unveiled at the CES 2013 show in Las Vegas – the biggest of all the annual tech expos – and, sharply behind the clicking heels of the Sony press conference, Vodafone’s pretty excited to announce that we’ll be stocking the Sony Xperia Z as soon as it’s released in the UK.

Powerhouse performance 

Right; let’s talk specs. The Xperia Z’s most striking feature is its massive 5-inch display, which beams out full 1080p HD video, spruced up even more by Sony’s unique Bravia Engine 2. That bespoke firmware makes everything that the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS has to offer pop with clarity, and makes every colour shine like it should.

The good news continues backstage: all the extra space gifted by that 5-inch display means Sony’s been able to wedge some serious horsepower in behind it. A 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm S4 Pro processor powers the engine room, while there’s a massive 13-Megapixel snapper round the back taking care of your picture needs.

Our favourite feature? The Stamina battery saving mode, which kills the power to any intensive apps once the screen turns off, and revives them in a snap when it comes back on – that’ll give your standby time a boost to the tune of around 400 per cent. Nice.

All that’s wrapped up neatly in a body only 7.9mm thick, and covered in a protective casing that’s both dust and water-resistant to the highest standards found on any top-end smartphone. We’ll be announcing an exact launch date for the Sony Xperia Z as soon as we can, so keep your browser locked to Vodafone Social.

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  • Right guys and girls, upgrade due in February, I’ve sat all night watching press conference after press conference, and now that I can’t see the S4 coming out for a good while, I need one of these! Any release date/cost yet?

    • We can’t confirm any dates or prices yet, but we’ll update you when we have more information.

  • Sam Borro

    So glad Vodafone has confirmed they will be getting this phone.
    I am due an upgrade on 5th of March. My current phone is already dying, so assuming you do indeed get the Xperia Z in March, then you will definitely have me signing up for another 2 year contract with you! 🙂

    • Darren Wale

      Sony have confirmed it wil be relesed Q1 2013 so the latest it will be available is end of march!!

  • Max

    Can you change your front page to include Sony in the drop down brands list. It’s annoying to have to surf through to find their phones. They are the number three player in the UK (by sales volume), ahead of Huawei and HTC, surely they should be in the main list…

  • AT LAST … for Sony and for Vodafone.  this is a great phone.. i just need the prices… this is my next phone.

    The only questions are what colours will you have and will the price be right for me?

  • This is the phone that Im talking about, these are the ones that has features that would get somebody’s attention

    • What is it that grabs your attention the most?

      • A top spec phone with an awesome design? Its a shame Sony couldn’t get their hands on the new Snapdragon 800, because that has already outdated this phone before its even released. However, With my decision being between this and the S4, I would take the Sony purely because of the fact I seem to have so many faults with the screen on my S2…

      • its the tough smartphone feature, waterproof + smartphone does it for me not to mention HD and the cybershot camera.

  • Stephen Samler

    What about the Xperia V? Will you be supplying this model?

  • been waiting for a release and certain name for this phone for the past 2 months to find out that carphone warehouse will have them on 22nd feb. pre order from the 1st feb. but the Odin (xperia z) has been a long time coming and has had leaks about it for ages about its basic internals.

  • Darren Wale

    iphone beating spec, really pretty looking in black, white & the purple (I doubt V will have all 3 colour options – But i dare you too!!)!

    Love the fact its water/dust resistant and interested to see how the power save facility works!!

  • Any sign of a release date for this phone, I can can upgrade in a few days but waiting for this

    • Thanks for the interest, Andrew. All we can say at the moment, is soon.

  • Andy Smith

    Having just had a look at the new Blackberry Z10, I cant wait to get this Sony, definately my next phone and a move away from Blackberry after 10 years with them.
    Not sure why Balckberry chose to create something that looks like an iphone but isnt and cannot compete with IOS or android. Wish they had stuck with nice phones with good keyboards. I think its byebye Blackberry, hello Sony.

  • Kool Shah

    what is the price and when are the pre-orders open? and do we get same free headphones offer like with O2 and 3? i want to buy it. :lust:

  • any dates when this phone is going to be released as can upgrade the 9th feb will it be out by then

    • We’ll announce the exact launch date as soon as we can, Laura.

  • When will it ba available to preorder????

  • We’ll let you know as soon as we can, Darren.

  • lee85029

    how come the interdependent retailers have a Vodafone price plan for this phone but not your self’s? and when can i pre order?

  • Still no sign of it 🙁

  • We’re working hard to make sure that our Xperia Zs are ready as soon as possible. As soon as we can announce pre-orders and release dates, there’ll be an update here on Vodafone Social

  • hi i can upgrade now how long we waiting weeks or months? 

  • We can’t give you any exact dates yet, Shaun. We’ll bring you more news when we can.

  • Will it be the 4G LTE ready model of the Xperia Z coming to Vodafone or the HSPA+ model

  • any update on pre order please

    • We’ve got no more details at the moment, Nyssa. We will let you know when we can, though.

  • The Xperia Z will join our 4G-ready group of phones, so it’ll play nice with our 4G network. Be sure to check out our latest Sony Xperia Z post: http://blog.vodafone.co.uk/2013/02/14/sony-xperia-z-pre-orders-are-go/

  • You can pre-order the Sony Xperia Z now, for launch on Feb 28th. You can also grab yourself a free pair of Sony MDR-1R cans if you’re one of the first 1000 pre-orders. Check out all the details, here: http://blog.vodafone.co.uk/2013/02/14/sony-xperia-z-pre-orders-are-go/

  • rick.ramsay

    hi when can i
     pre-order the xperia z 

  • so when is it out or is it already out?

  • Hi Stevoss, yes, it’s available to buy from us now.

    We have more details about that, here: http://blog.vodafone.co.uk/2013/02/28/sony-xperia-z-now-available-at-vodafone-uk/

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