Xperia J

Android capabilities with Sony style? That’s a winning combination, and it’s exactly what the Sony Xperia J will offer anyone who snaps one up this Christmas. Especially as Sony’s announced that it plans to bring Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) to its latest crop of Xperia phones in 2013.

Thing is, with all the excitement of the festive period, you might forget that a new phone can take a little bit of getting used to. If you need a refresher course on the joys of Android, you’re brand new to the world of smartphones or if you sit anywhere in between, we’ve got the video walkthroughs you need.

1. Inserting a SIM

It’s more difficult than you’d think, you know. There’s no industry-wide slot type when it comes to SIM cards, so you’d be forgiven if the Xperia J’s left you scratching your head. Step one, let’s get that Vodafone SIM in place:

2. Setting up Wi-Fi 

There are a few initial steps for setting up an Android device, and Wi-Fi is an early priority. If you choose to skip that step, though, you might be wondering how to go back to it later. Got your home Wi-Fi network ready and waiting? Here’s how you connect…

3. Setting up Email

Accessing the hundreds of thousands of apps nestled in the Google Play Store requires that you have a Gmail account hooked up to your phone. Good job it’s an easy step, then. Here’s how:

4. Downloading Apps via Google Play

And now for the meat in your Android sandwich: apps. There’s an app for every occasion in the Google Play Store, and your Sony Xperia J is ready and waiting for them. Let’s get downloading.

5. Adding a Contact 

Who you gonna call? With no contacts saved, you’ll need the memory of an elephant to make yourself heard. Got your phonebook at the ready? Then you’re all set to load up your the Xperia J’s capacious phonebook.

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