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They’re so small you might need tweezers to pick them up – but imagine the extra space the new Nano SIM card frees up inside your handset.

The Nano SIM standard was agreed earlier this year and now the first devices to use the technology are starting to be revealed.

Sim cards

Smaller SIMs are not a new idea. The original SIM was considerably larger than the SIM card many of us are now familiar with. In the past couple of years, the SIM has shrunk again, as the Micro SIM has been adopted by a range of manufacturers. And with the advent of the Nano SIM, we’ve now got the smallest SIM ever.

The Nano SIM measures just 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm (40 per cent smaller than a Micro SIM) and we’re expecting a range of devices to make the most of the extra millimetres that Nano SIMs afford them over the coming months.

We’ve managed to grab a few exclusive pictures of the new Vodafone Nano SIM to share with you here.

Vodafone nano-sim

This time the actual chip is smaller than on previous SIMs, so we’re gearing up to help customers transfer their contacts to their new Nano SIM through Vodafone RED Box once devices start to arrive in our stores.


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     I think nano SIM is great

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