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The Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck hits the UK’s festivals again this summer. You can see the finishing touches being applied in the video above, but look closely and you’ll notice it’s changed a bit in the off-season. Our 44 tonne rig has still got the same monster recharging capacity as last year, but now it’s sporting built-in DJ booths and next-gen hand-scanners that’ll keep your phone safe, and cut the queue for collecting it too.

The Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck is back

Last year, we used photos of phone owners and barcoded wristbands, but wristbands get lost, faces need a human to make a judgement call on identity and we think we can do things better with the help of some cutting-edge technology. That’s why this summer’s outing will see our truck packing infrared Palm Vein Readers.

Place your hand into the palm-shaped reader, and the Vodafone truck will identify you using the pattern of blood vessels just under your skin. It’s a slick system that offers top notch security, avoids relying on wristbands, and even works if your hands are caked in festival mud (antibacterial wipes will be available), which we hope will make any queues the fastest moving ones on site.

Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck hand scanner

Three taps on the Palm Vein Reader and your identity is confirmed

Already in use by Japanese banks, the infrared Palm Vein Readers verify identity in just a couple of seconds, and because they use biometric technology are impossible to fool. The pattern of blood vessels in your hand is used to create a Vein Map that’s unique to you. It’s stored when you drop off your phone, and checked when you come back to pick it up. The system is quick, completely safe, works if your hands are pristine, grubby or even soaking wet, and doesn’t even get warm during use.

Inside the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck

Inside, there's space for 2,000 phones to recharge at once

It’s all designed to make things faster when you drop off or collect your phone. And it doesn’t matter what sort of phone you’re using either – we’ve got chargers for pretty much every type of device and can breathe new life into 2,000 flattened phone batteries in a single sitting.

The Vodafone truck, covered in its distinctive livery, will be on hand at a host of summer festivals this year.

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