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Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is coming to Vodafone the only place you will be able to choose from the 16GB and 32GB variants on launch.

And what a launch it’s been. With many of the world’s most renowned consumer technology experts in attendance, the queues have been long but the wait has certainly been worthwhile, as the Galaxy SIII is shaping up to be one of the best smartphones of the year.

“It’s nice to see the phone actually exceed expectations.”

And as soon as the presentations were over, the experts were straight off to get a hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII in the flesh. So we caught up with a few key journalists, to see what they think of this gorgeous new handset so far.

First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy SIII

TechRadar's Gareth Beavis has seen more phones than most and was suitably impressed.

Gareth Beavis from TechRadar has seen every phone released in the past few years and he had no qualms about sharing his opinion of the Galaxy SIII. “We had an idea of what to expect and it’s nice to see the phone actually exceed expectations. I can’t fault the handset”, he told us. “If the Galaxy SII was brilliant, I can’t see why the Galaxy SIII isn’t even better.”

“Samsung has really raised the bar, all round.”

Kat Hannaford from Gizmodo was one of the first to check out the new Samsung Galaxy and she told us, “Samsung seems to have realised with the Galaxy SIII that shameless headline-grabs of double-digit camera sensors and superfluous display adjectives isn’t what’s in vogue for 2012.

“Instead, we’re seeing a trend from subtle Android software tweaks to major features overhaul, as evidenced in the SIII’s camera settings, emerging”, she continued. “The SIII will undoubtedly continue to smash sales records as the SII did before it.”

Media tests Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone

Another satisfied journalist is impressed by the Samsung Galaxy SIII's new features

And Recombu’s Basil Kronfli was just as taken with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. “The amount of stuff they’ve managed to cram in is amazing”, he told us. “Right now it’s all about differentiation – going beyond just hardware – and that seems to be exactly what Samsung has done.

“The screen is stunning. Nice, bright, punchy colours and really responsive to the touch. What more could you ask for? Samsung has really raised the bar, all round.”

When we asked Rhiain Morgan from T3 whether she liked the phone and if she would recommend it to her friends , she said, “I would. The Galaxy SII was such a great phone and this is a big step up from it. I’d certainly recommend the Galaxy SII, so there’s no reason why I wouldn’t recommend the Galaxy SIII.”

Meanwhile the team at Mobile Choice was just as impressed. “We were really overwhelmed by all the great new features. Samsung has packed a lot of stuff in there”, devices editor Chris Barraclough told us.

“The new design looks great and even though it’s got such a big screen, it’s still very slim and light”, he enthused, adding, “It’ll certainly give its rivals a run for their money – even against the most impressive new smartphones we’ve seen this year so far.”

“The SIII will undoubtedly continue to smash sales records as the SII did before it.”

Has all of this talk of the Samsung Galaxy SIII left you drooling in anticipation? Why not get ahead of the crowd and register your interest for Vodafone updates for what looks set to be one of the biggest smartphones of 2012.

What are your first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and do you think it will be your next Android smartphone? Drop us a line in the comments below.

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  • hoping that the samsung galaxy s11 will come down in price once the s111 3 is launched than  i can afford the s11 on my next upgrade

    • Anonymous

      Great suggestion Liz! We’ll pass your comments on to the people that make these decisions.

  • I want one. Only problem, half way through a
    2 year contract with the s2.

  • Only one month into S2 i think i may have to wait a bit, but still excited to hear about it 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Judging by what the cream of the UK’s tech journalists think about the SIII, it looks like the wait will be worthwhile.

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  • David Mullen

    I will be taking one of these out on contract the moment they become available through Vodafone.  Will you guys have 32GB models available for launch date? 29th May?

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  • Ben Boddy

    I’m due my upgrade now. I’ve had the GS I & II. The GS III certainly looks appealing. 🙂

    • Alex Bentley

      Hi Ben. We’re glad you like the look of the Galaxy SIII. The reaction from the press last night was amazing – even from the die-hard SII fans – so we’re sure you’ll like it.

  • fingers crossed for a free on 49cap for the samsung galaxy Slll

  • well i want 1 but cannot upgrade till 3rd may next year, but hope ice cream sandwich runs better then on my s2 with vodafone as it’s slower then 2.3.5

  • Anonymous

    been due an upgrade for last six months from s1, wait so nearly over and (think from what seen) has been worthwhile!

    • Alex Bentley

      Hi nickylee83. You won’t be disappointed. We spoke to many Galaxy SI and SII fans last night and they were all blown away by what the Galaxy SIII adds to the experience.

  • Been waiting for this day to come for months. My Galaxy SI has been a perfect phone, upgrade due in a few days. Cant wait to get my hands on one of these, shame that it doesn’t come in black though.

    • Alex Bentley

      Once you get your hands on the blue model, you may well be won over Colin. It really does look great and a few journalists we met at the event last night found they loved it, despite usually preferring black handsets.

  • tim

    Does anyone know when the release date is and the sort of price range for the SIII will be in?

    • Alex Bentley

      Hi Tim. The Galaxy SIII is set for release on 29 May but we’ll be taking pre-orders from 11 May. We’ve yet to announce pricing but watch this space.

      • Jake – Vodafone Social

         Just to confirm, the launch date for the Galaxy SIII is set for 30 May.

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  • welshblood

    Since Smartphones are all about internet / media access, what price plans will  Vodafone be offering to ensure we have the data that we need without “bolt-on” data packages?

  • Anonymous

    why should i upgrade to this and not wait for the iPhone 5?

    • Alex Bentley

      Hi federalchipmunk. The best reason to upgrade now is that the Galaxy SIII is a truly amazing smartphone and it’ll be available for pre-order this week. Who knows when the iPhone 5 will arrive and how it’ll measure up when it’s released?

  • Yes it is important to have a good relible phone and I am sure this one fits the bill. Yes I think it will take off.

  • Yes I think this phone is relible it will take off very easly. It is important to have a good reliable phone. 

  • thedobbs858

    Will you have any 18month packages? I have been looking at the competition as a guide to see what you are likely to offer and they are only offering 24 month deals at the minute. I would rather pay more month for a shorter contract than be stuck with the same phone for 2 years!

  • WKWAN18

    So glad I’ve been holding on from an upgrade for past 6 months and not getting the SII a few months ago, but just don’t know which colour to go for!  How deep in colour is the blue? It’s hard to tell from photos and videos because of the lighting.  Might have to wait until this hits the shops than to preorder.

  • WKWAN18

    So glad I’ve been holding on from an upgrade for past 6 months and not getting the SII a few months ago (after deciding not to go for iPhone 4S), but now just don’t know which colour to go for! How deep in colour is the pebble blue? It’s hard to tell from photos and videos because of the lighting. Might have to wait until this hits the shops than to preorder, although from photos, the white seems to look nicer.

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  • My dad is really impressed with the Galaxy S 3 specs however he is wondering if he can dictate a text like our Ste’s I Phone 4s Can anyone confirm this for him?

  • Alex Bentley

    Hi WKWAN18. The blue is very deep and has a gorgeous brushed finish. It really looks great. If you’ve got an eye for style, we’re sure you’ll love it.

  • I want this phone badly!  My SI, currently with Vodafone, reaches the end of the contract in mid-June.I have had smartphones going back to O2’s XDA Orbit and Orange offerings from before; but my SI exceeded all of them in performance, exceeding expectation and durability i.e. still working very well now.  however, the SIII is the apple-eater I really want to get my hands on because of all the features it offers which will enhance my telecommunication and multimedia experience.  I would love it to to be in Arctic White, but I’ve been told that mainly blue remains.  I would also love the 32Gb because of all the favourite films and music I could store without having  to make hard choices over which to carry.  Looking forward to the web-browsing capabilities it has in the hope that the UK ones will be 4G capable and thus future-proof for several years to come. It ticks all the right boxes.

    • Alex – Vodafone Social

      Hi Shaun. We’re really glad you’re looking forward to the Galaxy SIII so much and we’re sure you’ll love it even more once you take it for a test drive. It really is an amazing smartphone.

  • mark1411

    What time today can we pre-order the Galaxy S3?

    • Alex – Vodafone Social

      Hi mark1411. Watch this space, as we’ll have an update for you shortly.

  • Alex – Vodafone Social

    Hi Rebecca. Yes, the Galaxy SIII can certainly do that. The feature has been in place in Android since version 2.2 and so the Galaxy SIII’s Android 4.0 OS will absolutely handle that task for your dad.

  • Alex – Vodafone Social

    Hi thedobbs858. We certainly do offer a choice of 18-month contracts. In fact you can even choose a 12-month contract if you prefer. You can find full details here – http://vodafone.co.uk/galaxys3

  • Alex – Vodafone Social

    We agree Francis. The Galaxy SIII is an incredibly reliable phone and great to use, so we’re sure our customers will love it too.

  • Alex – Vodafone Social

    Hi welshblood. You can find full details of all our price plans and choose your perfect Samsung Galaxy SIII package here – http://vodafone.co.uk/galaxys3. And the Galaxy SIII is also available on Vodafone Data Test Drive, giving you three-months unlimited data to help you enjoy all that it has to offer.

  • Alex – Vodafone Social

    Hi Colin. Ice Cream Sandwich runs great on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, so we’re sure you’ll be very pleased with what’s on offer when you give the handset a test run.

  • Alex – Vodafone Social

    Hi David. We certainly will have the 32GB Samsung Galaxy SIII at launch on 30 May and you can pre-order yours right now at http://vodafone.co.uk/galaxys3

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  • cannot wait to buy this. I need to change to a stylish and trendy phone like this. Awesome to look at the features.

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New Releases
Samsung Galaxy SIII
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Samsung Galaxy SIII 16GB and 32GB available to pre-order now

Samsung Galaxy SIII - pre-order on Vodafone now
New Releases
Samsung Galaxy SIII
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