Dr Rob

Meet Dr Rob

There’s more to a mobile network than meets the eye. It’s more than the masts, the radio waves, or even the phone in your pocket right now. Behind the scenes there’s a ton of complicated stuff going on. Meet Dr Robert Matthews, Dr Rob to his friends. He’s our EMF Unit Manager and he eats, sleeps and breathes mobile connectivity and you’ll be hearing from him regularly on Vodafone Social as your guide through the wonderful world of wireless tech.

When it comes to network expertise, Dr Rob is in a league of his own. If there’s something that he doesn’t know, or can’t explain, about our network and what makes it tick, it’s not worth knowing.

Don’t mistake Dr Rob for a nerd; he’s a towering 6’ 10” mountain of knowledge.

But don’t mistake Dr Rob for a nerd. While typical network experts sit in lab coats pouring over reams of data, Rob’s a towering 6’ 10” mountain of knowledge. His booming voice means you’ll hear him before you see him, and while he’s a weekend monster on the rugby field, he’s also fiercely intelligent.

He knows our network inside out, literally. Quiz him, and he can describe the location of pretty much any mast in the country – and then give you a full breakdown of its history. It has to be seen to be believed. And with a bubbling enthusiasm about every aspect of his role (and some others besides), he really is a tour-de-force of knowledge and ideas.

Do you have any questions about how our mobile network operates? Put them in the comments section below and we’ll put them to Dr Rob.

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  • Anonymous

    Is it true that trees, snow and rain interfere with mobile phone signals?

    • James Holland

      As far as I know, the growth of trees can affect line-of-sight connections between masts, but doesn’t generally affect the signal from that mast to your phone. We should ask Dr Rob for a detailed explanation in his next post though – that’d be a great read.

  • What is the full journey of my call when I call my friend in Australia, and how does this differ to if I place a VoIP call using software on my iPhone connected by 3G? Carl C

    • Alex Bentley

      Great question! We’ve passed this one along to Dr. Rob and will have an answer for you as soon as we can.

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