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    Calling all telly addicts: NOW TV joins Vodafone Red 4G!

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    How Spotify's song-suggesting software really works...

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    Meet the Xperia Z3 from Sony...

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    Coming soon: Every new device heading to Vodafone UK...

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‘Some people still think the technology could be dangerous’: Vodafone UK’s CEO talks mobile signal misconceptions

base station new thumb
Open Sure Signal
We're on a mission to bring reliable signal to as much of the UK as we can, but it's trickier to do that than you might think. Here, Vodafone UK's CEO Jeroen Hoencamp explains the problems.

Thursday 27 November 2014

We’re here to help: What to do if your Vodafone phone gets lost or stolen

stolen phone thumb
Mobile Life
Lost your phone or had it stolen? We're here to make a bad situation better. Here's all the info you need on what to do next...

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Vodafone Community Champions Roadtest: John Wright on the Xperia Z3 from Sony

z3 thumb
Community Champions
Xperia Z3
John Wright, one of the Vodafone eForum's Community Champions, has had the Sony Xperia Z3 since launch. So what's his expert opinion? Read on to find out.

Monday 24 November 2014

You’ve earned it: How the new badges on the eForum are our way of saying thanks

badges on forum thumb
Mobile Life
We've introduced badges on the Vodafone eForum to say thanks for all the amazing posts that get created and added to every day. And here's how they work...

Thursday 20 November 2014