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Sony Xperia Z5 available now at Vodafone UK! 007 reasons to make it your next smartphone

xperia z5 thumb
Xperia Z5
Thinking about picking up Sony's latest? You're not alone: James Bond himself uses the Xperia Z5 too! Here's a raft of reasons to make it your next handset...

Monday 05 October 2015

Don’t let ale-ing signals get you down: Connecting your local pub so you don’t get a bitter reception

pub is the hub thumb
Rural Community Pub programme
The local pub is the heart of every community, which is why we're kicking off a pilot programme to give some of the UK's best boozers better signal...

Monday 05 October 2015

Vodafone Call+: Get ready for the next generation of phone calls

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 09.31.43
Mobile Life
We're about to supercharge the way you make and receive phone calls. Ready to make a big leap into tomorrow? Here's what you need to know about the Call+ service...

Friday 02 October 2015

Google unveils the Nexus 6P: Welcome to the next generation of Android

Nexus 6P
Check out what's lurking under the Nexus 6P's bonnet, and take a look at what some of the web's biggest tech sites think of Google's latest flagship...

Wednesday 30 September 2015